The waterproofing of stickers has really opened up possibilities for the spaces and places our customers can fix outdoor signs. As they’re lightweight, easy to install and pretty quick to change out, waterproof wall stickers are fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional signs. Especially since wooden boarding and Perspex are often heavier, and more cumbersome, to install.

Advances in technology such as fade-proof UV laminate, water resistant vinyl, better adhesives, and anti-fade colour inks, has meant waterproof stickers can now often outlast standard signage!
Clear vinyl stickering and die-cut custom stickers can also really rev up your company marketing – taking your logo places! Car stickers and vehicle stickering will help to add that professional touch to your businesses. It’s also a smart and efficient way to make your mileage go that extra advertising mile. Attract new business as you drive past your next customer. Now that’s multi-tasking!


Have an idea but not quite sure how to make it work? Did you know Sticky Stickers also offer graphic design services? Yep, that’s right we often work with clients to turn their vision into reality. Many of our customers know what they want, but need a bit of extra help to get it to the print-ready stage.

Laying the fun of advertising aside, the value of waterproof stickering has really proven its worth to our industrial and electrical customers. On these sites, a clearly readable, long lasting, sticker display is vital when used to communicate safety warnings, instructions and key technical information. In many cases, it can even mean the difference between life and death.


When it comes to these crucial jobs, customers like, Powerhowse Electrical, Wealleans Allied Petroleum Ltd and Econohire have appreciated our expertise over the years. We’ve worked with these companies to supply hard-wearing stickers and labels for work sites and for heavy duty equipment. This has often meant a saving of both time and money, along with a high quality finished product.
Most importantly for all concerned, utilising long lasting ink and anti-fade colours have meant a higher standard of safety for everyone on site. While it’s not our most flashy work, the team all agree it’s some of the most important work we do in collaboration with our customers.


Whether you’re looking for a waterproof sticker that will make your advertising stand out from the rest. Or, you want to ensure your people are safe and in the know, we can help. Contact us and we’ll chat through what sticker product will work best for your job.

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