Almost as soon as Ford decided to add the car bumper as a safety feature to their Model An automobile fleet in 1927, the public at large has decided to use this newly added bar to express their thoughts on, well pretty much everything.

From politics to religion, current events, romantic overtures, the existence of aliens, and most especially their feelings on other motorists driving behaviour, bumper stickers, you might agree, have etched a strange, yet significant place in popular culture.

So significant in fact, that apparently historians have even started to record and archive vintage bumper stickers, preserving the sentiments of past eras with their characteristic; succinct, pithy, ‘hold no prisoners’ style of message.

Who would have guessed that Ford’s provision of an extra spot of space on a chrome bar would kick-off a worldwide trend to promote your thoughts to fellow motorists?

Granted it’s our work and passion, but to come back to the sticker – bumper sticker fans actually owe a lot to the invention of self-adhesive paper and the first man who thought of using this new paper on a car bumper in the mid-1940s, an American chap called Forest Gill. Up until that point, motorists had been using twine and wire to attach their ‘bumper placards.’ Hasn’t got quite the same ring to it, does it? The new easy application took off and the rest, as they say, it, is history.

These days, the car sticker quality itself has come a long way. The adhesive has a longer lasting stick. Vinyl sticker options have replaced paper, and UV laminate means your sticker message will be read loud and clear for years to come – even after the team has won the game.

Automated direct printing also means that car stickers and car decals can be cut into all manner of shapes and sizes. After 18 years in the sticker business, we’re suckers for a bit of sticker science. We have to admit that the team gets pretty excited over what we can produce these days, thanks to the latest advancements in sticker and label printing technology. (Check out our FAQ page to find out more about how we like to roll!)

So while we’re taking care of ensuring that the best possible vinyl strength and colour clarity is achieved, this should give you time to consider your best bumper sticker match…what is that you want to say to the world as you drive by?

It’s a tough one, when we put it that way, hey? So we’ve added a few of our favourite bumper sticker slogans below to start you off. We’d like to hear from you too – what are some of the best bumper slogans you’ve ever seen?

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