For small local business with a limited advertising budget, passers-by are the most important target audience, and it is therefore important to have your shop stand out from the rest. Custom vinyl graphics are one of the simplest advertising fixtures that can be used to promote your business on a budget.

Why Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can be stuck on most flat surfaces. This feature allows businesses to utilise all of their assets for marketing efforts. Interior and exterior walls, floors, windows and vehicle fleets can all be used for advertising purposes. Vinyl stickers are customisable, allowing businesses to create them in a specific way to their needs. From complex advertisement designs and announcements of promotions to simple information like opening hours, all types of information and designs can be displayed on vinyl stickers. Many vinyl sticker manufacturers, including Sticky Stickers, even offer graphic design services, assuring that your vinyl will look the best it can. Businesses with a smaller advertising budget can promote their service to great effect by making the most of their unused flat services. This can be done by combining vinyl stickers with digital advertising techniques like email and social media marketing. While the latter are still quite effective, they can be costly. By combining digital marketing with custom vinyl stickers, NZ small businesses can create greater awareness, and be as effective in reaching a desired target audience as larger competitors with big budgets. Being significantly cheaper than other forms of advertising, business owners can switch vinyl stickers often to keep up with any special promotions they may be running.

Why Sticky Stickers?

We at Sticky Stickers have been printing quality full-colour stickers for 18 years and we have over 100 years of collective experience in the industry. Based in Mount Maunganui, we have produced stickers for local businesses, all the way from Cape Reinga to the Bluff and everywhere in between. With graphic designers and the flexibility of offering stickers of all shapes and sizes, Sticky Stickers ensures we create the custom vinyl stickers NZ businesses need to let their business excel. As we are accessible to businesses of all sizes, we do not have a minimum order count. And with an easy peel tab, our stickers are easily removable. Even so, they are built to last. All of our vinyl stickers are fully water, UV, and graffiti proof. Our clients can rest easy knowing they will last for years indoors or even outdoors without fear of degradation due to the harsh New Zealand sunlight or other elements. This makes our stickers perfect for temporary promotions and long-term use alike. So, whether you need 1 sticker or 10,000, give us a call at 0800 STICKERS. You’ll be connected to Sticky Central and one of our experts will help you out. Even better, you can easily get a quote on our website, and you’ll be off raising awareness for your business in no time.